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Community action: Mission has been accomplished!

Community action: Mission has been accomplished!

In the last year, we counted on your help to carry out a community action. With the raffle campaign, we were able to raise a sum to be donated to the Mãe Curia nursing home, which provides care for 49 elderly people, located in the city of our headquarters. We are pleased to inform you that the mission has been accomplished!


In the published Article - "Stone company carries out a fundrasing and donates R$ 10,000 to Lar Mãe Cúria in Soledade. The initiative, led by Eco Rocks Brazil, had a stone table as the prize. Through the sale of raffle tickets and the donation from the winner, it was possible to raise the financial resources that were donated to the institution."

Reed the full article

Thank you guys, see you next time!

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