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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I buy through your website?

You can easily choose the product on our website by adding them to the cart and proceeding to the checkout. Please do not forget to register yourself or log in first! 😀

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Do you work with sterling silver?

Unfortunately, we do not work with Sterling silver for our standard line. Our products are electroplated Gold 24k and Silver 1000.

What´s your lead time?

Our standard lead time is from 2 to 4 weeks for production orders. For orders we do have in stock we do ship up to 10 days. However, our slogan is “the right rocks at the right time” which means that one of our best skills is the fast delivery!

What shipping methods do you work with?

We work with air freight door to door for most of the orders (FedEx). However, if you would like to quote another method please ask our team by e-mail:, Instagram: @ecorocksbrazil or whatsapp: +55 51 99982-6999.

We do also ship by sea, truck and air.

What are the payment methods?

We do accept paypal and wire transfers.

We DON’T  charge any extra fees for payments.

Do you accept custom orders?

It depends on each project. For custom orders, please send us a request to We would be happy to assist with you! 😀

What happened if I receive a damaged package or product?

If the package or product arrives damaged, please send us photos of the box and products to We will analyze it and reply within 2 working days. If we detect an Eco Rocks Brazil’s fault, we will refund you right away or replace the damaged items.

What’s your Minimum order Quantity (MOQ)?

Our MOQ per order (shipment) is USD 400. Which means that you can combine any item you would like, but the total amount of the order must reach USD 400 at least

How can I check the prices for the products and shipment?

You can register yourself in our page and add the products you would like on your shop cart. Afterwards you can add the shipping information and at the end you will be able to check the total amount for the order + shipping costs.

Note: Local taxes and import duties would be the responsibility of the customer.

What countries do you ship to?

We Ship to all the major countries of the world with trusted shipping partners like FedEx. It’s the client own responsibility to get Custom Clearance after Shipping.